3 trout


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We went left out of the bay to start out with on Friday when we got there and caught quite a few but no keepers, then we headed North of the pass after a few hours to dead mans. We caught a few keepers but the tournament crowd wasn't there yet.

The grass has rebounded nicely but has some more growing to do to be what it once was. There was a tournament on Saturday. have never seen that many boats in dead mans bay as I did then. It was crazy. Trout were hard to come by that day. Then we took off to the South side of the pass around 2:00 PM and hardly any boats were over there we started catching fish immediately. Most were 14.5

Started out South again on Sunday and caught plenty of trout.

The same on Monday.

My objective opinion is that those Tournaments impacts Trout populations more than recreational fisherman. At least that's what it looked like to me.
Honestly, after years of trips watching guys go out and catching double limits and TRIPLE limits out of Keaton, I'm glad they are protecting some of the spawning fish, especially after the red tide problems that have been plaguing Florida. Georgia has plenty of trout to catch if you want to kill some. It's just as good as the Gulf for numbers during late September to early November. I've had 30 fish days into January and February on artificials. It may take a little more work, but the fish are there.
Last thing Georgia needs is more guidos from Florida coming to take all our fish and deer.

It’s Like we’re being invaded by the cast of jersey shore.


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FWC = ridiculous


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3 trout, 3 turkeys, hows a fella to feed his family?

Danny Leigh

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Just received an email today on Florida's proposal on spotted seatrout. At least they are talking about reducing the commercial limits as well, but now they have the upper slot at 19".