35 pound Allatoona striper...

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I had planned on fishing rain or shine today. I told Arnie last night I was going unless it was a major down pour. Started off very slow for me.
First I need to give a big thank you to Cy, Extreme guide, he told me to try this area and I did. I waited for him to leave cause he had customers& I was not going to crowed them. Boated several nice hybrids, a spot and a white. Saw a lot of bait just under the surface and decided to put out a med gizzard. Bigger than the bait. Headed back out to open water.
Sounded like someone drove a truck in the water.
There were two guys fishing in a bass boat watching me fight the fish. Got the fish to surface and I forgot my net at home. Asked if they had one and they came over and helped me net and land the fish. And I needed ever bit of their help. Thanks again guys. They took the pictures.


Dang you can write that thing off as a dependent! :bounce:
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Forgot, and very proud of this, just converted a med action down rod with 20lb big game to a free with a swivel with 8lb seagaurd leader. Thanks guys.


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Great catch!

Out of curiosity, what's the lake record on 'Toona? You don't hear about it producing too many fish in that class.