4 down in Greene County

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A club I’m in near Oconee is getting bad.....quickly. I saw about 15-20 yesterday. One large pig, several good 100#’ers and a ton of shotes.

They were just across the fence on a neighbor’s property that we don’t have permission to hunt on. I followed them down the fence hoping they’d come across...no dice. They filtered out further into the field so I left them alone and went to find some that I bumped last week.
I went back to a well used creek bottom and put the wind in my face, slipping along real slow.
Sure enough, I caught up to this same little sounder again, not 150 yards from where I saw them the week before. This time the sow had picked up a small, but rather plump brown pig. I drew a bead on the lead sow and put a Barnes through her shoulder. She dropped at the crack of the rifle and the rest of them scattered. I ended up killing 4 of them in a 360 degree area around me. It was crazy.
These are gonna be some fine eating.

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Good job ! 3 of them will be good for sure , that ol sow may make some decent sausage
Thank you Ant.
Yeah, she was looking rather poor. They’ve really been on their feet the last couple days. I’ve seen a bunch of movement from late morning through early afternoon. I guess the lack of deer hunters feeding them a steady supply of corn has them searching hard.
I killed this lot at 2PM yesterday.
The fellas that are running feeders here are going to have to replace 4 currently.
I hope to put an end to quite a few more of the pigs this Spring.
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Well dun. I hunt over near Woodville and have got a few myself this past year. Got a thread here if you haven't seen it:. https://forum.gon.com/threads/took-advantage-of-the-situation.977995/

Been too busy at work, 70/week, to get out since mid Jan but am hoping it will slow back down middle of next month and I'll get a chance to go again. Maybe we can hook up some time and get after em.


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You should probably talk to the neighbor and ask if you can shoot them across the fence next time...I'm sure they would be happy you did!