4 spots open for 2019/20 season - IL Hunting - South East 3800 acres, 13 farms

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4 spots open for 2019 season.

Please text or call Ken - 770-366-6624

2019-20 Full Season OR if you are interested in second gun season, let me know***
Looking for 4 hunters at $2000 Bow (1 buck) + SG/ ML firearm (1 bucks) 2 Buck per year. Total of 10 hunters.

-All Year Lease --> Bow/ Gun/ Muzzle Loader/ Turkey/ Duck.
-3 river farms, 160 acres, 600 acres and 450 acres.
- We have farms that have blocks of woods and CRP and we have a lot of field edge/ creek lines/ ditch lines/ fence rows/ wood lines in-between big blocks of woods and CRP. We have a tremendous amount of choke points to hunt.
- We have a looooot of straight trees to climb. More than just about anywhere else I have hunted in the mid west.
-Out of state hunters can harvest 2 bucks (1 bow, 1 gun) and unlimited does.
-Approx 6.5 hr drive from North Atlanta.
- 10 farms in Wayne County IL, 1 farm in Wabash Co.

One of my farms has power and water for camper and a barn to house equipment/ stands. There are 2 hotels close to all the farms.

River Farms - 600+ acre farm on the Little Wabash river (small river) with a un-huntable 1000 acre CRP/ swamp just to our north (big buck factory), another 450 acres farm on the Little Wabash River (lots of WRP across the river), and we have a 160 acre farm on the Wabash River (this farm is bow hunting only and is in Wabash County).

My largest farm - 865 acres - (which has also been one of our most consistent Big Buck farms) is 1 field away from several hundred acres of un-hunted state CRP ground. There have been a number of 160's to a 204 inch buck killed on our farm and neighboring properties over the last 10 years.

We have plenty of room for food plots. My farmer is willing to plant for us (and he will leave standing crops).

One of our properties will have a 150 inch minimum this year (it is a smaller property with big potential, we have seen several Booners and I do not want to bugger it up by killing a 130 or 40 inch buck).

There have been 160’s and bigger seen on every property.

These properties are great for pre-rut, rut and post rut hunting. There are a tremendous amount of choke points, funnels, fence rows and creek lines in between large blocks of timber or CRP fields.

I ask my guys to kill a minimum of 130 inch 8 pt, 140 10 pt.

Serious callers/ emails please.
Ken (text initially is best ->770-366-6624) or ken@primericaconstruction.com (Please put - "IL Hunting" in the subject line)


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A few more pics.
The first is a 204 killed a few years ago by our neighbor (same prop I killed my 167),

The next 3 are a few more trail cam pics (all from last year). We saw all three of these bucks while hunting and let them grow, I think they are all 3 year old bucks. We had these bucks at 20 yards or less.

The last picture was a buck that was killed in Wayne County (I am not sure where, but he is impressive). One of my guys sent me the pic he took from when he was up hunting last year....



After hearing all your stories of "the big ones" last year on the phone and seeing the pics you sent, I cant wait to get up there.

Guys, Ken is a stand up guy and only lets a lot of bucks walk that most people wont. You cant go wrong here.
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Thanks Chris - LOL, we must have talked when the rut was on. We had a few rock solid days of big buck movement for sure!!

"Lee and Tiffany" Land it is not. We do not see a 160 inch buck every show.

But it is a good place to have a shot at a 140 to 160 buck (and if we are lucky, that 170 to 200 inch buck we see every once in a while).

If I was going for numbers, I could have killed a 140ish buck almost every year I have hunted these farms.

There are a few I do regret letting walk, specifically the 140 to 150 inch 3x4 (He was HUUUUUGE, I almost cried after I let him walk and I realized just how big that 7 pointer was, then when I saw him again later that afternoon, but he was well out of range, I think I did shed a tear).

I have hunted all over the mid west. No matter where I have hunted, I have found that not only am I hunting for Big Bucks, but I am hunting for the right time to hunt (the time when the mature bucks are on their feet and moving). When you hear my stories, I am telling you about the best days of the year. Like I said, we do not see a 160 every show!!

That's my offer to the guys I hunt with. An opportunity for you to make the decision on when and where you hunt to possibly harvest a mature buck.

Here is approx. 3800 acres, 113 days to hunt (Oct. 1 to Jan 15ish), I promise every farms has mature bucks ranging from 140 to 200 inches. Good Luck!!!
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Guys I hunted these farms with Ken last year and he is 100% telling you the truth. If we weren't having a 2nd baby and money was no option this year I would be back in this without a question. I saw several shooter bucks and didn't even hunt the rut. You will not be disappointed.
Guys, you will not regret going with this lease. This will be my forth year hunting it with Ken coming up and I love this lease. I have killed two bucks in three years. Mid 130's 8 and a mid 140's 10. Saw a monster 180 class 10 my first year. He was just too far away. Great properties. Trophy hunters dream! See very nice bucks each year. Like Ken says, not on every sit, but they are roaming out there for sure.
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Whats up Red Neck?

For now we are full.

I am trying to get a few more farms which will mean we will need some more guys.

If you want to add your name to a waiting list, please do let me know, send a PM.
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We just picked up 5 new farms, approx. 1200 more acres. I was told there have been several booners taken on the farm and in the area.

We need 3 new hunters.

Bow only, Bow + Shot Gun, Shot Gun Only, and Muzzle loader only spots are available - You choose.