...4th UPDATE....Shocked how big this deer already is

You've got some really great genetics in your area and also some fantastic food sources as well.

I don't think that I have ever seen a buck such as this BRUTE, with such headgear this early in the year before even if it was in some of the much better performing states over the country.

This buck reminds me of a swamp buck that spends most of its time really close to the really thickest places available within a few steps.

I might have a problem with my hands and gun barrel etc shaking somewhat if I was looking through my scope at something like this one.
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The bulbous ends are the ends that have growth left. The skinny ends are mostly done. His left 3, left 4 and both beams look like they got some growing to finish. Once the bulbous end tapers off they pretty much stop growing from what I have seen.

Nice deer thanks for sharing and good luck! Update with the harvest photo if you get him.
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His left G3 gonna split too?
My son and I were looking at the pics again last night and I think you are correct. It looks like its just starting to split. Those pics are at my my sons stand location and he is beside himself. He said last night the season is never gonna get here.:rofl:


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That's a goodern for sure! And he's still got some growing left to do.