5.56 or .223 Ammo For Hogs

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Just curios as to what people are shooting. This is not something I'm passionate about, but I'm looking for what is best for hogs. I know for deer hunting you're supposed to use an expanding bullet, but since hogs are invasive, I'm thinking maybe one of those green tip bullets might do as well. They supposedly penetrate well and then "tumble"... I'm not for sure. I've got a Palmetto that I've had for 3-4 years now and have not fired a round thru it, but it's being worked on now by my gunsmith and I'm getting ready to shoot a hog or two and put it in service. I'm thinking whatever I go with, the 62 grain bullet seems to be the best all around??? Any pointers would be appreciated.
I have never shot one with a FMJ so I don't know how it would do. Probably kill it with a head shot!
I have killed them with a 55gr HP but mostly I handload 62 gr Barnes TSX for all my hunting.
I have never shot one that wasn't head or neck and they go down like a hammer hit them. Mat squeal and dance but don't go anywhere!
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I think the twist on my gun doesn't tolerate the 75 gr so good...? I'm still reading on this kind of stuff. I'm not an AR guy, I don't go to the range, and I deer hunt with a .308 so this is all still new to me. So it sounds like a hollow point should be a non issue with a clean kill.


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Mine is a 1:7 and it does not like the 55s(spins too fast)...gotta shoot 69s and up. Wish I had known beforehand


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I would shoot expanding bullet unless I was knocking them down in the trap and putting them right between their eyes
62 grain Federal Fusions work great for pigs. Don’t shoot the green tips, save them for the zombies. I wouldn’t count on the green tips tumbling either. You’re gonna wind up not getting good blood trails and your gonna lose a lot of pigs that go off and die 400 yards away.


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Never shot but a couple with a .223. 55 gr Ga Arms softpoints. They died.
62 gr. Fort Scott Munitions TUI (Tumble Upon Impact) is a great round. Only down side is blood trails, but the last 2 deer we shot with that round went 25-30 yards and folded up. They don't leave big entrance and exit wounds, but they are devastating on the organs. And basically match grade.

If not that, I'd use 77 gr. SMK hollow points which are also basically match grade (the ones I have).

Both do fine in a 1:7 barrel for me.
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My gun should be about ready. I can't remember the rate of twist. I do want to shoot the heaviest, readily available bullet that I can find. I'm pretty certain it's a 1:7 or 1:8. The 62gr is what I see the most in JHP or SP. I see the HP is available as well... just never been a fan of the HP or ballistic tip while deer hunting with only one exception - Federal Match King -- Used to be $45 a box, but boy did it perform. Found out my .308 likes the Federal (blue box) Trophy exactly the same at about $20 a box. Back to the 5.56 ---- I'll have to look at the 62gr vs the 75gr when I get the gun back. Glad to hear the HP perform well though.