51% Want Trump Impeached and Removed


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Just goes to show what kind of sheep we have in this country in regards to following what the media says.
Well, let's get started and vote already! There are 40 seats in the house needed to vote FOR it, that happen to be seats lost in '18, but in districts carried by Trump in '16. Which way will they go in '20 after the yes vote(s)?

Secondly, after they win that vote, the Senate will be working furiously on investigations right after 1 Jan 2020. Gee, who are the Dem front-runners now? 5 of the top 7 are.....drum roll.... Senators. Wonder when they will have time to campaign in Iowa or S.C. or any of the early primary states?

Looks like Biden and Bootie-boy will be the early favorites.... lol.
This is the power of the MSM.
The majority of people get their information from the alphabet networks and this poll reflects that narrative.


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I can’t imagine any reputable new agency buying into polling any more. But, I don’t know any that are reputable.