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Ok, I got the go ahead on the rules for the challenge so I wanted to get this thing rolling! Hoss was my "contact" through the planning stages with moderators/admin and had some great input so I want to start out with a big thanks to him (and all the staff who make this place what it is!!!) for everything. :cool:

With that said, I'm really looking forward to seeing this thing happen. It could be an opportunity for some of us to grow as photographers. At the very least it should help most of us use our cameras and maybe our minds a little more. I know I've needed a boost for a while and I think this will help me shoot more.

Anyway, I'll start with the challenge rules. Please read them before submitting any photos for the challenge. I also ask that everyone really make an effort to abide by them so that the moderator staff can enjoy this challenge as much as we do. Let's police ourselves prior to posting so that they can "play" with is instead of having to "work" on this. ;)

The rules:

#1- The challenge is to take and share one photo per week for 52 weeks. Please select one photo per week to share in the challenge thread. Any other photos taken during the week should be shared in a separate thread. The one you share doesn't have to be the "best" one you take. It can be the funniest, cutest, or just one that you like for a particular reason even though it might not be technically perfect. This is about fun, photography and sharing!

Note: It is NOT required that you post a photo every single week. You can participate at any level you wish. If you miss a week, or come in late on this and want to join in, BY ALL MEANS jump in and have fun with us! The intent of this challenge is to promote fun photography and enjoy sharing the results. Rules are necessary, but I don't want something like missing a week, or coming in late to discourage anyone from participating. Like the "themes" (see rule #3 below...), taking all 52 photos during the respective weeks is only to "challenge" those who wish to accept that challenge. So, if you miss a week, or come into this late you are still as welcomed to participate as the ones who choose to meet the full challenge from beginning to end. :cheers:

The Challenge week will begin on Monday at 8 PM. All photos must be taken and posted by 8 PM of the following Monday.

#2- All submitted photos must be in full compliance with the rules of this forum and shall be subject to the "family oriented" nature of this forum. Any photos that are not in compliance with the forum rules or the family oriented nature of the forum will be removed at the sole discretion of the Moderators. Let's keep this clean and fun so that they can enjoy it with us.

#3- There will be a suggested theme each week. However there is no "requirement" that everyone adhere to the theme. The theme will be provided solely for those who want the extra challenge. Those who do not wish to follow the suggested theme may post one photo per week pertaining to any subject matter of their own choosing, subject to the rules of this challenge and the forum rules, of course.

#4- Any photos submitted must have been taken by the submitting member during the outlined time to be listed in each week's thread.

#5- This is NOT a competition. There will be no judging and no "critiquing" of the photos. The sole intent of this challenge is fun and friendship, just as the intent of this forum has been since I joined.

#6- There are no "image quality" standards or requirements. Shots taken with cell phones are just as welcome as those taken with top of the line gear. It's not just about the photo, it's about enjoying photography.

#7- And last but certainly not least... HAVE FUN!!!

I am about to post the first week's suggested theme and kick this thing off. I encourage everyone to participate to the extent that they can. I think this will be a lot of fun for all involved. I know I look forward to seeing what you all post during the challenge.

Each week's thread will be titled as follows... " 'XX'/52 Challenge" with the "XX" being the week number for that particular thread. I'm still discussing making a sticky thread with the rules and possibly having each week's thread "closed out" once it's over and moved to the sticky for easy finding/viewing but not sure if that will happen or not.

Anyway, let's stop the talk and start the photograpy!!!

Please place your submission for week one in the thread linked below...

Week #1 Thread Here


I'd also like to invite all members (even if you can't participate) to PM me with weekly theme ideas. I can't promise I can/will use them all, but I will certainly draw from them. I will likely write them all on a small piece of paper and throw them in a jar to draw from so that it's as fair as possible as to whose idea gets used and when. I don't know of any other way to be as fair as randomly drawing one out.

And keep the rules of the challenge and the forum rules in mind when you submit a theme idea. Any theme ideas that have a high probability of encouraging photos that would violate the rules will not be included for drawing. I am trying my best to keep this from being a nightmare for the mods so that they, too, can enjoy it with us instead of spending all their time policing it. Your cooperation is requested and will be GREATLY appreciate by them as well as me.


I just wanted to post a few ideas for the folks who don't wish to follow the suggested themes. I've seen this sort of project done with people's own personal "themes" or self challenge ideas and seen some of these people grow TREMENDOUSLY during their project. In that light, I thought I'd share a few of the personal themes I've seen people set for themselves...

- A self portrait per week for 52 weeks...

- A photo of a particular subject of interest (same each week) per week...

- If someone is trying to learn exposure, lighting, etc... they might take one photo per week related to those areas of photography and post their results as they grow in that area. The first photos of their challenge may really stink, but as the challenge progresses and they continue to shoot to meet their personal challenge they continue to learn from their mistakes and "grow". This might be good motivation for anyone wanting to work on any particular area of their photography skill set...

- A photo of your child(ren) per week...

The possibilities are endless. I just wanted to put a few out there for ideas. If you choose to follow a personal "theme" it would be great if you'd include a note about it with your initial photo. I'd love to watch as you progress with your personal project!

Again though, you are not required to follow any sort of theme to participate. I want to make that perfectly clear. Your submitted photos can be totally random if you wish... as long as you have fun taking and sharing it!

I wanted to add that photoshopped photos are as welcome as "straight out of camera" photos in the challenge... as long as the photo you're 'shopping was taken during the week you're submitting it. You can comp in portions of other photos not taken this week but the main photo must be current for the project.

I don't want to stifle anyone's creativity by limiting things to straight out of camera or limiting editing, but I do want to stay with the 52 in 52 intent of the challenge. ;)
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Links to weekly challenges

Week 1/52 June 21-28, 2010 - Heat

Week 2/52 June 28 - July 5 - Independence

Week 3/52 July 5 - July 12 - Food

Week 4/52 July 12 - July 19 - a flower, a leaf a blade of grass or even just a weed

Week 05/52 July 19 - July 26 - Texture

Week 06/52 July 26 - Aug. 2 - Landscapes

Week 07/52 Aug. 2 - Aug.9 - Color

Week 08/52 Aug. 9 - Aug16 - Red

Week 09/52 Aug 16 - Aug 23 - Weathered

Week 10/52 Aug 23 - Aug 30 - Old

Week 11/52 Aug 30 - Sept 6 - Americana

Week 12/52 Sept 6 - Sept 13 Black & White

Week 13/52 Sept 13 - Sept 20 Sunrise/Sunset

Week 14/52 Sept 20 -Sept 27 Abandoned

Week 15/52 Sept 27 - Oct 4 MUSICAL LYRICS


Week 17/52 Oct 11 - Oct 18 Fall

Week 18/52 Oct 18 - Oct 25 Motion

Week 19/52 Oct 25 - Nov 1 Reflection

Week 20/52 Nov 1 - Nov 8 Self Portrait

Week 21/52 Nov 8 - Nov 15 Water

Week 22/52 Nov 15 - Nov 22 Close-up

Week 23/52 Nov. 22 - Nov 29 Life

Week 24/52 Nov 29 - Dec 6 Youth

Week 25/52 Dec 6 - Dec 13 Thanksgiving

Week 26/52 Dec 13 - Dec 20 Wildcard

Week 27/52 Dec 20 - Dec 27 Christmas

Week 28/52 Dec 27 - Jan 3 Cold

Week 29/52 Jan 3 - Jan 10 Smoke

Week 30/52 Jan 10 - Jam 17 Winter

Week 31 Jan 17 - Jan 24 A Pattern

Week 32 Jan 24 - Jan 31 Fire

Week 33 Jan 31 - Feb 7 Trains

Week 34 Feb 7 - Feb 14 Bridges

Week 35 Feb 14 - Feb 21 Down the Road

Week 36 Feb 21 - Feb 28 In a row

Week 37 Feb 28 - March 7 Barns

Week 38 March 7 - March 14 Old Trucks

Week 39 March 14 - March 21 Insects

Week 40 March 21 - March 28 Rust

Week 41 March 28 - April 4 Fishing

Week 42 April 4 - April11 Turkey

Week 43 April 11 - April 18 Black and White

Week44 April 18 - April 25 Selective Color

Week 45 April 25 - May2 RGB

Week 46 May 2 - May 9 Insects

Week 47 May9 - May16 Grillin'

Week 48 May 16 - May 23 Birds

Week 49 May 23 - May 30 Man's Best Friend

Week 50 May 30 - June 6 Your choice of target

Week 51 June 6 - June13 Night time Shot

Week 52 June 13 - June 20 Shoot a can
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