6/22 - Lanier stripers solo

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I was going to sleep in after spending the last 2 mornings out on Lanier. However, when I awoke at 5:00am, I had a feeling to go out. Rarely, especially in summer, do I want to go out by myself, but I figured I'd give it a go and be off the water early.

All I can say is thank goodness my lovely wife got me a Sony Action Cam this past Christmas, as I got to film some fun and hectic chaos on the boat:cool:

The morning started off a bit slow. I was about to move to a different area when I hooked into a 1 lb. spot, and as I reeled it in, a nice 15-20 lb. stripe followed it all the way to my boat. A few moments later I land about a 1.5 lb. stripe on a heavy weighted freeline. So I decided to stick it out and give another large circle through the area with downlines 25-27 feet. I'm glad I did, as I ended up having 3 rods go off. I was lucky to land the 12 lb. stripe, as it truly was chaos. The others broke free. I stayed in the action until about 10am and did a little exploring before heading to the dock by 10:45.

While I've gotten others bigger so far this year, this was a treat this morning as it was my best for the year.


Very nice Fred. Sometimes the best fishing trips can be the ones that aren't really planned. Good job buddy!


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Ya know, you didn't have to be alone....................could have called