6.2L Ford motor

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Thinking about going back to a F250, but would like to stay away from a diesel, anyone got any input on the gas 6.2L. Personal experience with gas mileage with and w/o towing, reliability. I usually only tow a 6x10 trailer to camp and durhamtown, no real heavy loads.


...just joking, seriously.
I like my 6.2L...(2018 F-250)
Interstate speed between 65 and 70mph = 16 to 18 mpg.
Towing 30' camper with sway bars at 65 to 70 drops it to about 8 to 10 MPG. But I don't pull that camper often.
12 to 15MPG towing my smaller camper and boats.
I just recently sold a f250 with the 6.2 engine. Absolutely loved that motor. Pulled my 32 ft fifth wheel camper with it. Got about 7 mpg loaded and 14ish empty. I could replace 3 6.2 engines for the price of 1 diesel engine. Only sold it because I have a new company truck. It's a diesel but I kept my gas burner Chevy for the camper. Wouldn't buy another diesel personally.
If your looking at a new truck aren't they putting the new 7.3 gas engine in them? I know the reviews on it are looking real good. It's also a push rod eng. Instead of an overhead cam eng.
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Unfortunately can’t afford new, typically try to buy with under 50,000 miles, and keep them for along time. My 07 has just under 130,000 and I have owned it for 7 yrs. I have a crew cab with the 6 1/2 ft bed which I really like, just would like more cab room since the kids are older and activities that we do with the truck.