6-30-14 Lake Lanier Striper Fishing......Pic Heavy....

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Jeff Blair

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I just saw a thread yesterday asking about where are the guide reports. I knew its been a while since I posted a report but looked back and I haven't done one since April. To be honest with you guys the past couple months I have fished just about everyday and threw in a vacation a week ago and with a couple young boys at home that wants to be with me every day when I get home I just have not had the time to do any reports anywhere. I post pics of our catch everyday on Facebook but not doing reports on it. Feel free to check it out if you like to see the pics. I will try to make time to post more reports on here.
Right now the striper fishing is great. There are still fish scattered all over the lake from up in the northern creeks all the way to the dam. Here soon everything will be heading south. Early in the morning I'm finding them as shallow as a 35-40ft bottom and as it heats up they have been pulling out to a 60-80ft bottom. Mainly catching them on downline herring but still catching some on a freeline pitched back behind the boat 50-60ft. I have seen a lot of scattered fish up shallow that should eat leadcore but have not tried it. A couple of times last week I had them blowing up all over the place but couldn't get to them with plugs in time. I normally would put up a bunch of pics since my last report but that would take too long so I'm just going to post the ones from yesterdays trip. Thanks for all your guys support. Awesome group of people on here.:cool::cool:



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Great report, Jeff!! Glad you got some solid family time in with your vacation and got back to showing clients trips of a lifetime.
Good to see the fish in the summer pattern. Nicely done Jeff.:cheers:

Zebco 33

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It must be monday night, cuz i smell a smackdown on lanier!

Go get em jeff. See you out there after the 4th.


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Way to go Jeff, always look forward to your massive summer posts.