6 day Live From The Tree..Jt and Bubba in IL!!!

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Just got word from bubba that he is busting down on Nashville headed nw. Should be here about 10:30:)

We will unload the truck and crash for the eve and then be ready for him to be in a tree at first light. I have a day or so of work (before i quit my job again for season :D) and then im joining him. Supposed to be a lil wet tomorrow and coolthe rest of the week.

As usual y'all feel free to post your updates here cause we ain't greedy....the more the merrier and the better the thread.

He just sent me this pic lol

Load up boys its time!


Good luck to each of you! I hope yall both kill some good ones! :cheers:
Hope one of y'all bust that sweet wide beast you have on trail cam
But if not maybe he will hang around till nov

Gadestroyer glad you are heading home good luck this season


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is this the start of the big one. or just 6 days.
Gadestroyer glad to hear you going home. dont forget them boots
Good luck in IL guys hope Bubba dont sleep in tomorow.

You out there bubby
Heck yeah fellas.. U can bet on them boots! Thank you fellybob and Sunday's money. Ole bubba and Jt gonna lay a beast down just for me !!


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they usually do but if they dont, still lots of fun here.
JT he probrably - I AM A POTTY MOUTH -- I AM A POTTY MOUTH -- I AM A POTTY MOUTH -- I AM A POTTY MOUTH - aready cus you started the thread he allways start it.
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Family he's only started a few and only a couple effect em have been good lol!

This is prolly only a mini one.

Sunday...plenty to go around brother
I can't wait till the big one gets started I will try to put a few post up from Nebraska hopefully with some pics of a mr freak nasty

Come on bubba get this thing started right
Donnie has been stacking them up he killed a nice 130" second weekend of season so he's up on me
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Tell Donnie to register! Ok so i know that aint happening .

Bubba is an hour away. Ima have a cold adult beverage during the wait lol.

Btw this year I've reactivated the blackberry and im carrying the Droid razr
mxx. I believe the bb gets better web reception but sure like the Droid better
According to the other thread that just got locked away with too many posts, ya'll were killing us to 1st have to wait 'til the 28th, then improved our waiting a bit to the 22nd, but now it's much better with a surprise of only having to wait 'til the 5th. Yippee!:D

Go get 'em Gentlemen & looking forward to whoever can provide the 1st venison backstraps for the grill. Best of luck to ya'll this season.



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Good luck Boys! Knock of couple of them big boys down. Have a great time and be safe :cheers: