644 acre Missouri Lease Openings

Jim Boyd

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Thought about this some more and other VALUES came to mind:

1 - known and verifiable history on the farm. Not only of bucks killed but also of those passed

2 - lodging on site - this provides a bonus that is hard to measure. No worries about where you are going to stay, reduced noise at the cabin compared to a motel, less security worries, easier immediate access to the farm, etc. Easy to simply quickly have lunch and head back to stand.

3 - ability to cook and microwave on site. Saves time and cost and also allows you to eat better

4 - reduced fuel costs - no running back and forth to town

5 - equipment shed. The value of this cannot be overstated.

6 - probability of year after year arrangements. The mental gains (and the actual gains) of this cannot be overstated either. More time on the farm, year after year = more knowledge about the farm and deer patterns.

7 - compared to an outfitter, in this arrangement you can hunt when you want. Bad weather week? Plan for the following week.

8 - this might not be important to many but bow and gun is a great option. Plan a two week trip - bow hunting for a week and then gun hunt.

9 - one stop shopping. Here, you can budget and know exactly what your total costs are gonna be.

10 - on site lodging means more stand time. More stand time = better chances at some wild eyed, slobbering beast (if your heart and nerves can stand the strain).

Think we can go on and on - but it is time for someone who has always wanted to enjoy the magic of the Midwest to take that step - into an arrangement that is predictable and safe. Your costs are protected and there are no unknowns.

Good luck, folks. Deal with confidence.

Jim Thompson

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Thanks for the well thought out reply @Jim Boyd and the kind words @flatsmaster

We have a huge amount of folks texting with questions and interest. It's a great farm that hunts big and has a little of everything. We have not been over run with 60s+ bucks, but have let them go long enough to know that there's an older age class of bucks.

Jim Thompson

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Lease has been filled...or at least we have enough interest that it is filled in my inbox and texts messages.

Thanks to the huge number of folks that reached out. If something happens and a spot falls through I will get back asap.


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That didn’t take long. Good luck Bubba, JT, & the new members. At the very least JT will keep it entertaining for all involved. Come On November

Jim Thompson

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Lease is definitely full. Thanks again for the huge number of inquiries and good luck to everyone this year! It's gonna be sumn else

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