6mm Dasher

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@Dub I've got two stepsons, 14 and 9, and we have a 3 month old. We tried for 2 years to have a baby and it never happened. We stopped trying and boom spousal unit got pregnant. I told her I'm getting fixed it's less invasive and we don't need anymore kids. I watched most of the procedure and it wasn't to bad at all. Day 2 and 3 were rough with not much moving around. I'm still in compression shorts but just slight soreness no real pain. Best $750 insurance policy I've ever bought. 😂

@bullgator 😂😂😂😂
Good deal @SC Hunter

It was a walk-in the park for me, too.

Nothing to it.
Whidden Bullet Pointing Dies. That one in the picture got bumped again after I reset the die. It still gives a good idea what it does so I didn't retake the pic. It pretty much closes up the hole.
Some ammo showed up the last two days that had me thinking if these were handloads, they'd be candidates for one of those pointer dies.

I've seen them for sale in bulk, but I believe they may have been discontinued. Looks like the ELD-Match has taken their place.

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He them for 6.5s too. The last 500ct box of Sierra 142s I got it looks like they use some type of bullet pointing dies on them.
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Decided to try and set up the expander die in the Co-Ax and run it through the necks.

This happened on about the 3rd case

between that and the A/C not seeming to work..temp up to 86* with 61% humidity I wrapped that up.

The case necks measured .0135 thick and the run out best I can tell is right at .001. I don't like the RCBS unit I have...I need to look for something else.

Picked up an 8# jug of VV N140 to try. Between that and the 8208XBR I should have enough powder to shoot it in :D I will save the little Varget I have for special events. My buddy should hand it off at dinner tomorrow night.
Ouch. I know that was frustrating.

Summer seemed to show up here right as we bring in June. Hot as blazes...and like you said.....HUMID, too.

Varget is like unicorn dust....nowhere to be found.

Have you seen 8208XBR online recently ?