7-30 Waters

On the note of available bullets. Rumor is someone called Hornady and asked them about the 120 SSP that they discontinued for the 7-30 Contender and they said the 7mm Vmax 120 grain is the same construction as the 120 SSP and expands at the same velocities for those that reload.

Very interesting. I will look into it!
I did find this in a google search"
When Hornady announced they were discontinuing the 120 Single shot pistol bullet, I was really panic stricken. I called up and talked to their ballistic technician named Bob who also shoots T/C Contender pistols. He indicated the two bullets are the same. He even went so far as to send me two 120 V-Max's that had been cut in half vertically. Inside was the Hornady interlock ring of the 7mm SSPB. If the 120 V-Max is shot at high velocity from a 280 Remington it acts like a V-max bullet. If it is shot at moderate velocities like the 7-30 Waters the bullets expands like a single shot pistol bullet. The intelock ring hold the jacket and core together at lower velocities.

I never thought about this before but you could make a reduce recoil load using H4895 and Hodgdons youth data for a 280 Remington or even 7mm Magnum and run the bullet at a velocity of 2500 fps and it would make a great youth deer load.

Anyway it is a great bullet either way."

It kind of makes sense that at the lower velocities of a short barrel Contender it would perform well and not fragment!
Yeah, but all the factory selections, both Federal and Hornady are 120 gr.
I've never bought any anyway.
Roll yer own as you prefer.
I shoot 130's just to be different!
They all work just fine.