9mm or 40 cal


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9mm is the police and military caliber so I have 9mm glocks. If I was going to get a truck gun, I'd grab a .40 as well since .40 gets better penetration through vehicles and less deflection through windshields.


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I'm not going to brand bash on here but not real happy with quality of the 9 I have had for about 3 years or so. I was going to buy another 9 or 40 , I am leaning toward the 40.


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I’ve got both 9 and 40.
I usually carry .45.
I also, occasionally, carry both 9 and 40. I am lucky enough to have several of each and several other “carry” handguns.
It’s really a matter of the application. Both 9 and 40 are adequate.
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Jim Baker

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Every semi-auto firearm I own except for a few .22s and shotguns are 9mm. Rifles and pistols. Much for the same reasons already given. Ammo availability and costs All pistols are the same model and all the rifles are the same model to make transitioning from one weapon to next fluid. If I have to change from one weapon to another all the controls are in the same place.


Hillbilly stalker

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Most all Law Enforcement agencies in SC have went back to 9 mm. I was told there was very little difference in performance but a large different in price per case. The SCHP may be different in their way of thinking. It also seems a little easier on the people who suffer from the “ weenie wrists “. 6 of one kind 1/2 dozen of the other.
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Shoot both and get whatever you are more accurate and comfortable with. Shot placement is more important than size. I prefer 9mm. I have owned both and carried both professionally and personally.


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I retired from a top ranking Sheriff's office in Florida.
I can tell you that their official carry policy progression, after they made semi-autos mandatory in the mid 90's, went like this:
-9mm, 357sig, 45cal, you buy, your choice.
-9mm office owned only.
-40cal office owned only.
-9mm office owned only.
-5.7 FN office owned only.
-9mm office owned only.

They keep coming back to the 9mm after flirting with other calibers.


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I bought 40 got 3 because I wanted more power than the 9, but now 20 years later, 9 is cheaper and more available.
If I was buying new now, it would be 9.
I was in the same boat when I started to ccw almost 30 years ago.

The cops were all carrying 40sw and the police shooting league i was in gave "magnum" credit for 40sw.

These days I shoot alot of 9mm. I do not feel undergunned at all. It hits exactly where I aim.