A 8hr fight


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Can't imagine catching anything that size. We caught one out of Venice last year that was a couple inches shy of legal, guessing about 60-70 lbs, and that one took us almost an hour to land, tag and release.


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I saw the name Bud and Mary's? As a kid I lived in South Florida and growing up worked on a drive boat out of Jack Danials fish camp. It was just a few miles north of John Pennycamp state park..Their was a small resturant on the East side of US1 called Bud and Mary's..The two were real jokers and served mighty fine grub, Two tarpon were on the wall. One was about 90lbs and said her's, the other was about 25lbs and said his....I loved to eat there they had a shrimp cocktail that you could mount a driving board on...I wonder since it was 60 years ago, if they later started that marina? Monster catch!!Thanks for posting OP!