A belt that really works...made in USA

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I've been on a tear lately, trying to find products not made in China. I caught a glimpse of an ad for a web belt back before Christmas, made in USA, innovative design, made a mental note to check it out later. Called Grip 6, I was impressed with the garage startup company based in Utah. Neat story.

Christmas approached and we decided to step up and buy one for each of our young adult boys. They aren't cheap, but I ended up with one myself, and have been so impressed, I wanted to share it here.

I have the typical collection of belts, but none of them really fit and work well for me. The favorites are some worn out, but quality military style web belts, that you can't find good quality ones anymore.

Enter the Grip 6 belt company. Military style webbing, unique buckle system, lifetime warranty. Amazing.

You can buy direct, look for coupon codes. If you ever wanted something unique for somebody who already has everything, this is it.
Grip6 Salt Lake City, Utah
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Good looking product.

Have you carried a gun with it? If so, how's it do?
I'm ashamed to say, not yet. I mostly pocket carry a Ruger LCP in a Desantis Nemesis holster, but I am sure my Fobus OWB Paddle Holster would be perfect for it.

More than you want to know, but I'm somewhat skinny, not as much as I used to be of course, but pants/belts never really held up. With this belt properly adjusted, it would be near impossible to develop the appliance repairman's crouch condition.

Same would be said for a heavier pistol, IWB or OWB, I'll bet it ain't goin anywhere with this belt. The web doesn't collapse or roll over very easy either.


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After watching the video, I put one of my regular web belts on and threaded the buckle so that it operated the way this belt does and my belt would not loosen either. It was a little more difficult to put on but it worked. LOL
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We were able to bypass Amazon, find a promo code, buy direct, save money, and get free shipping. I agree, it is a remarkably good product, they invented the design, so I guess they get to hold market share for awhile, being the original.


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I have worn a Blackhawk! belt for years. The one I have on right now is better than ten years old. It has a triangular ring that is supposed to be strong enough to rappel with. I used this belt as a firefighter as a backup egress system with a length on 3/8 rope for the hasty rappel method. The tag says it’s made in the U.S.A. As far as a weapons platform, the best belt that I’ve ever worn.


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I may have to try one of those.. i've been wearing Nexbelts the last few years.. I really like the ratcheting buckle on them, they've been great as a gun belt and super easy 1/4in adjustments


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Eagle is another great American made belt. Same 1 1/2 inch black web, anodized aluminum buckle, d-ring secured down by velcro.