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That’s brutal. I can’t remember where, but I saw where someone posted one exactly like that. May have even had both front feet like that. Wonder if it’s a disease that does it. If not, I would think it would have to be fence related or something that could wrap around and cut off circulation.


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We had a doe hit by a car in my neighborhood that broke her front leg below the knee and bone was exposed for several inches. She survived and the bone actually looked like it knitted back together on its own! She still has a pronounced limp but is hanging on! They are incredible animals.


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Wow ! Wild animals have an amazing will to survive . I think she’ll be fine , especially if that herd of raccoons let her eat . I don’t think it was a regular steel trap either . I’ve had a number of deer step in them and hardly leave a hair . Maybe a snare?
That has gotta hurt. I hate to see suffering animals.

Looks like maybe it was hung in a fence and pulled off. Luckily it got free I've saw a many hung in fences and never make it.
This is what I thought aswell or some kind of storm drain or metal grate if this is in urban areas. Not telling what she got into that though ..
Many years ago, on a dog hunt, a nice buck was seen running across an open field with no noticeable limp. A few minutes later a stander killed him. He had a back leg that was broken off about 6 or so inches above the hoof. It was totally healed with no sign of infection. Deer are incredibly tough animals.