a lot of good times

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Man do I miss that!
Yeah I don’t get to do much anymore train a little here in the pen. Got a hunt coming up in South Carolina. Good to hear from You. Hope the rest of the gang is good. Maybe if Shawn is still hunting I can make it down that way. We get Covid out of the way.


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Body won't let me any more. Kay is playing a lot of tournament ball so I'm not sure how often they get to go. I need to pop in there for a look see...he is probably taller than me now.

Stay safe Jimmy
Good to see a hog dog video!

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Man I used to know some guys that let me go with them hunting, haven't got their contact anymore, name was Keith up around Corneila I believe, called themselves hawging and doggin..which I could get in touch, I miss going and doing this. We would go to some of my clubs and hunt some.
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I got a friend named Keith he lives in Blairsville he’s just now getting back into Hunting. Not sure it’s the same guy they did hunt in that area