A Rabbit Hunting " We Did Go" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

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The Cold Swamp Air, Keep the pack of hounds running hot after some King Size Cane Cutters, this past Monday morning.

The hutning party of Joey, Ben, Doc, Cody and myself, started out about 9:00 a.m. on property of the young hunter, Cody Varner and his Grand Farther's Property.

We took six rabbits for the half day's hunt, the two largest Cane Cutters, were shoot by Cody Varner, using a 20 double. This young man must be about 10 years old, but shoots like he's , much older! The Old Coon Hunter, Joey Bennett, got the other Trophy Rabbit off the day!




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Great hunt! We enjoyed the devil out of it D.R. Those beagles put a little on those swampers this time though!


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:shoot::shoot:Got another Oakhill Blue this weekend and Sally got four of them. That gives me six two year olders-Wow!!! By the way, Those REDs do look good and the cottontails and cane braker and the hunters :bounce: Looks like ya'll had a great hunt!!!:shoot:
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Rabbit Tracks Everywhere````````````````````````````````````See them?

Preacher Man, that old boy that answered your question, Well he is a Hound Dog Man!

Yep, he got it right, the old man, Petty Boy Floyd is one hard nut to crack!

Jeb may make it one day, but right now they all depend on Floyd when the going get tough!!

Those Big Cane Cutters can pull the pee & vinegar, right our of a pack of hounds!!

Those Coon Hutners, are some Good Top Shelf Boys, too get to know!!



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Looks like fun but I thought you dudn't allow shooting over your dogs. Hopefully we will get us a decent mess here pretty soon
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> 410 Coalition <~~~~~~~~~~~~>

Better make it Clear, Yes /We Do Allow Shooting, over my hounds!!

I don't care for them Big 12's and 10's that some Turkey Hunt with!

You can't kill anything but So Dead!

When it gets, bigger than a 20, I seem to stay behind the trees, more than I am rabbit hunting.

We were all shooting 410's that day except the young Lad and the Big Coon Hunter, they both had 20's


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Good looking pack of hounds, Looks like you have one misfit in the pack though.:confused::eek:
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> 410 Coalition <~~~~~~~~~~~~>

Sally, Doc and I hunted with a farther and hsi 9 year old son today. Trying too find myself some property owners that has some rabbits and young folks that want too lurn to rabbit hunt.

Doc and I turned out the /Second Team today about 2:00 and had a cotton tail up and running in less than 10 minutes!! I stayed with the little fellow, and he got two shot! First one, clean miss, little fellow was not looking down the barrel, of that little 410 !! I watched his head up up in the air, and his check was not laying on the stock?

I showed him what he was doing and next rabbit, he made contact!! I just stayed back and let him, not feel the pressure, and he did great! Dad got a rabbit also, so I have another, Successful hald day rabbit hunt with a 9 year old !!

I will post some photo's tomorrow, as I am beat at this time.



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Congrats, DR!!! You gotta love those kids!! Ain't nothing like em!

You saving team number 1 for Sat??? You ain't gonna try and slip Flirt in there are ya???:eek:
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> 410 Coalition <~~~~~~~~~~~~>

Yes Mam, Miss Flirt will be there Saturday!!

That is a photo of Flirt, trying to give that Big Swamper, mouth to mouth, recessitation, that Joey is holding.

Her and Mr.Jeb are crazy about those old Swampers, for some reason?