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2022/23 season is over here in Missouri, can't say that I'm not glad in a way that it is, was a year of to say "challenges" more than I can ever remember, but also a lot of positive things to go with the not so good things. It was a rough year for food plots, between the droughts and soaring fertilizer prices nothing much grew and I had to cut way back on my protein feeding due to prices more than doubling, just a tough year there, with that said I did have several nice bucks shop on cam. Now comes the real fun! I mainly just xbow hunt and have a very nice Ten Point Viper bow, well just before season opened I was shooting when the string broke with bow at full draw, ouch, off to shop for many repairs, Luckily I have a backup! not to long after getting it back I managed to bend the upper rail that the scope mounts to (my fault ) back to shop for more repairs, fast forward to having it back and shooting good again, Remember the couple Good bucks I had on camera well conditions were just right and decided to go sit in a 20' ladder one afternoon, got in early and was setting up, Wellll as I was about to put Bolt in xbow it slipped out of hand and fell to the ground, all I could do was watch and cry as it hit on butt stock and break in half ARGGGGG, Back to shop, poor bow it was repairable but took a while, all self inflicted problems, got it back just before my hunting trip to an outfitter I'll not name nor return to WHAT a disaster that was, so lets forward to December 26 day after Christmas, it was a cold and windy day so I decided to take my reliable muzzleloader to sit on a food plot that had some clover and stuff in it, at 4:30 I caught movement to my right and low and behold here comes my # 1 a beautiful 20" wide tall tine 10 point, as if he read the script he stepped out at 50 yards, I'm ready put the crosshairs on his shoulder and squeeze, I hear the pop of the primer but the muzzleloader fails to fire, did I say ARGGGGGG ! BAD POWDER, again self inflicted, all I could do was just watch him stroll off not spooked and have had him on cam many times since at night, well at least I did see him. SOOO how was your season?


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I’ve got a few hunts left this season. So far I’ve been a bit lazy, watched a couple too many bucks walk. Saw the better ones i wanted to let live this year when I wanted meat and didn’t shoot a couple smalls. Did get two doe and nothing broke soo far!