A short rabbit hunt

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Got my briar pants on and went for a walk trying to stir a rabbit up. It work. I caught a blur of brown in the thick blackberry bushes. Some of this stuff is over my head. I couldn't see the rabbit. So I back up and went around to the other side hoping to find him before he takes off. It's hard to maneuver through this stuff. Anyway I find him setting in the blackberry thicket at maybe 5 yards in. I move to my right looking for a better opening which there ain't much. I'm standing in angle deep water. His butt is to me with his head angled a little to my left. I pull the string on the Shrew back and send a Grizzly broadhead through the briars. WACK! Rabbit takes off with arrow in him. He turns and heads back my way and dies at 3 yards in front me.