A view from the deer stand.

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Howard Roark

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it looks like the black rifle may been on a hunt or two.
tell the story!
Remington Sportsman 78
Purchased used around 1990
Killed lots of deer and hogs with it.
Putting a synthetic stock and Zeiss scope on it at the end of the season.
Was painted black when purchased.
The felt is for a touch of homemade cover sent or turpentine.
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Mr Bya Lungshot

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View attachment 1056243 @4HAND reminds me of some of your stands. Normally I wouldn’t hunt this but I think everyone has had that opinion just long enough to produce a pinegoat.
This stand will haunt me for years.
Found deer that are deerwoods wise.
25 does were standing a few hundred yards from here after I left it to hunt a different spot yesterday.


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On my lease that we are losing , hope to get to sit here a couple more times before season is over , killed my biggest buck out of this stand. Also got to watch my daughter kill her first deer and first buck here . This spot produced a lot of white bellies and some memories that will last forever . 8EB518CF-D2CC-4419-84AB-D4A7AFA6CF64.jpeg 1DA0A0A4-7AF4-4527-9936-31FB85617849.jpeg 06161483-CD0C-4557-84EC-3115CD52D550.jpeg B75C2FF7-C536-4D1E-992F-46C19D4835AD.jpeg F4896A01-630E-488E-B88E-FBBCDCD2C0D3.jpeg