A year in the making....carters striper

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I know it’s not the biggest fish in the world. But I have never struggled so hard trying to catch a species of fish. Well, yesterday my 52 week long struggle is over (or has just begun).

39” 19lbs 19” girth

Crazy part is my down rods weren’t getting looked at. I was trolling through some awesome looking bait on the sonar. This fish decided to take a flat lined medium minnow on a medium light spinning rod with 8lb test. It actually broke the rod (didn’t notice until I got home).
Almost spooled me on the first run and got about half out on the second. Luckily it was tired enough after about 10 minutes I was able to make use of the net.

I was by myself so I was a bit worried about landing this joker. But all went well!!

A week early 40th birthday present!


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thanks corey85! I feel like I just killed the biggest deer of my life after catching this fish lol

Cletus T.

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Congrats on the solid catch man………..that a way to stay after ‘em like that.

Hard work pays off in the long run!!!