Abernathy RD. & GA 400 sighting

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I haven't seen many deer at the deer lease lately but I saw two bucks in velvet today at work. One was a starting to been a nice young 8 and the other one was year and a half 4-pointer.

Talk about a view at 10 stories high. And I did have a set of binos to look at them with.

Come on bow season....


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Last year about this time of year I was coming from Perimeter mall down Abernathy Rd at 11:00 am on a Saturday and a huge doe ran across the road right in front of me.....COOL!! :clap:


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I manage 15 ac business property adjacent to I-85 and have 4 to 6 resident deer. The only problem is they just ate $3/m in flowers... Looks like I'll have to work some OT this fall