Abnormally huge catfish spotted at dam

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Is it just me or has any one else heard the story of crazy big cat fish? Here's the story, supposedly divers went down to do a routine check of integrity of the dam and they returned to the surface so terrified they vowed never to go back down. Seems as though these divers encountered CATFISH THE SIZE OF VOLKSWAGONS. I have heard this same exact story all across the the US.
If anyone else has heard this too I'd like to know. Also just how much would a cat the size of a vw bug weigh.
Guess I've just been fishing in all the wrong spots!!


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:rofl::rofl:I have heard the same thing for 30 years about Allatoona and Lanier. I am sure there are some huge fish down there but they all seem to be 600lbs when the story is told. It is funny that now that divers have cameras we have no new stories :huh:


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I caught one. I threw it back because I didn't want to hassle with it.

Zebco 33 with stinkbait.
urban legend, like the other guy said surely some big fish down there just not the size of volkswagens


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I heard that story on jackson about 25 years ago, so i took my trusty BB BOOM to where they saw them and caught one that went 459 lbs. but i forgot my camera, so i threw him back!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Yeah, that story is old as the hills. I've been hearing that all my life. It not happening, people just love to spread stories about things that make you go UM!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Heard the samething down here under the Altamha River bridge in Baxley. Been hearin' since I was a lil' boy.
I grew up on the Arkansas River in Arkansas on the lower end of the river at the infamous Lock and Dam #2
that story was told there aleast 21 years ago. The same story.


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that story actually started at silver springs florida. when looking through the glass bottom boats , catfish app. 40- 60 feet down , their size actually was magnified and they looked the size of small cars
Me and Bigfoot was fishing the dam at Jackson a couple years ago. I caught one using a black panther as bait.

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I had a buddy who was an international student staying with us when I was back in school. We took him down to Jackson by the dam and was doing some fishing. He said he wanted to swim and we told him it wasn't safe.

This pic is the last we ever saw of him. I sent it to Nat Geo so they could warn others.:rolleyes:



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Boy let me tell ya them biggins some sho nuff good eatin. I was swimin back behind Hartwell dam one day and the next thing I knew someone had done went turned the dagblasted lights off. It wasn't to long before I saw this big bright light and here came my couzin crashing down on top of me. I'z about ready to knock his lights out but cents he looked like he dun went and saw a ghost I let him talk first and couldn't belive what he went on to say. I was like :crazy::crazy: and he was like :mad: and said man I aint liein and he went on to say he was looking my way when all of a sudden something twice the size Billy Bob's momma, and I was like :hair::hair: and :cry::cry: cuz I's to young to die, came up out nowhere and swallowed me whole and bfore he could get to the bank it got him to. It didn't take long for us to decide that if that sucka can eat us alive the we can eat him alive to and the next thing we know we were swimin out that sucks belly about 60' deep. I sho wish it woulda been shallow what so we coulda pulled that sucka out of the water and taken our pics with him cause everybody's been lafin at the two of us cents the first time we told our story!:mad: