About hammock camping...

I remember one night, while in my hammock, in a really hard thunderstorm. I looked down under me and my hammock and saw a river under me. I was glad I wasn't down there.
To each his own though. I find my hammock better on my back than a pad or cot. I can sit in my hammock and cook in the rain under my tarp. I did have a tent once with a vestibule that I could cook under in the rain.

I'd still rather be stuck in my hammock under a rainfly than in a tent during the rain.
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I have one hammock, I've found it some time ago, while reading lots of reviews in the internet. I think, you should do the same things, because there are so many options on websites. You may search for an appropriate hammock, for example, here and choose something for yourself, because many options are pretty similar and we can't say you for sure which one will be perfect for you.