Absolutely Awesome Pike Cnty Missouri 260 Acre Lease

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We have 4 openings for $1,650 apiece on this 260 acre lease for all the deer seasons and Spring turkey. The property is less than 2 miles from the Mississippi and Salt Rivers, Louisiana, MO, and Pike Cnty Illinois. It is about 80 miles north of St. Louis.

Missouri is an OTC rifle and bow permit state. Bow season starts Sep. 15, and you have a second crack at your gun buck during late muzzleloader season. You can also take 2 bucks with your bow (1 before and 1 after rifle season), and use your bow during rifle season if you have a rifle permit.

This is one of the best deer leases I've had. But this will be my first year to hunt it. This is a second lease for me which will decrease the hunting pressure on this place. We have 4 acres of clover in 5 plots, and it will be overseeded with Winter Greens this fall. There are logging roads and a pipeline rightofway for easy access. The property is impossible to road hunt. We have strict 135 bow and 140 gun standards, and 2 long term neighbors have been practicing QDM for years. You can get more info at this link:


Shoot me an email at sandybob98@gmail.com or text to 573-587-2025
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There will be 6 hunters with full access and one bow hunter with me for just a few days. One guy will miss the first half of gun season and one the second half. So there will never be more than 5 guys gun hunting at one time. And that's not even counting guys that might kill out on opening day or early.

I live 190 miles away and will only have two or three vacations to spend up there. I have four guys looking at the place this weekend. So far everyone that has looked at the place has either bid on it or is hunting with me after I bid successfully on it. If all four sign up, the lease will be full.

6 and 1/4 guys is definitely more than I would prefer. But since the place is 90% woods, the leasing agent was going to allow up to 10 hunters on the place. (I'd quit hunting before I did that.) I've hunted in Southern Illinois for decades, including this coming season, and we usually have about 50 acres per man over there on a lease, and never have more than 2 or 3 guys show up at once. Our Illinois leases are usually about 1/2 woods and 1/2 crops and food plots. So when you say 50 acres per hunter, each one is actually getting about 25 acres of woods apiece. On this Pike County, MO place, you could say the 6 full-time guys are getting 40 acres of woods apiece. Even if you count the "several days only guy" as a full-fledged hunter, the wooded acreage comes out to over 34 per hunter, over 33% more than we successfully hunt in Southern Illinois

My lease is too crowded for a lot of guys. I personally would rather pay $5,000 apiece and just have one guy on there with me. But I would also be divorced. If I paid even $2,000, she'd probably start looking for a lawyer.

I will post ASAP if any of these four guys decides to hunt with me, but I'll be kind of surprised if all of them don't hunt. Thanks for your question.
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