Acceptable caliber??

Like others, have shot a few. Everything from .17 HMR to .270. Most incidentally while deer hunting or called in with Foxpro. Don’t think I have ever had one drop in its tracks. I aim for the boiler room and they always do the spin and run. Sometimes they only make it 20 feet, other times 100 yards.

Have used a .22 mag and it works at close range. Just be prepared to do some tracking and don’t expect to recover them all.
I like the 06 for lots of stuff. It is an excellent song dog smoker with match bullets. The 168 is good but the 190 smk is better. they hit hard but don't expand enough to damage the pelts. Buyers were giving a hundred dollar bill for decent dogs this past winter. If you have an 06 give those bullets a shot.