Advice from Advanced Hog Hunters

Trap first! Shoot survivors that won’t go in a trap. I’d build a figure 6 trap out of t-posts & 3 (52” tall) combo panels from Tractor supply. Get on YouTube & look up “Figure 6 trap”. Easy enough for 2 people to do,in about 2 hours. Cost will be about $150.

Triple C

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I live on 10 acres in Wilkes County Ga.I deer hunt but never hog hunting.Hogs are visiting almost every nite now on my property.I go out almost every nite at different time
but never have seen them , yet each morning new sign. I dont want to hunt all nite for them..Any suggestion ?
PM @Todd E and listen to his sage advice. Particularly if you want to actually shoot em. He is a pig killing machine with one heck of a nite-hunting setup. You can check out a couple of his kills on video in the Oglethorpe County thread under North GA Hunting Reports.