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Sand hill crane hunting in Tx, or duck hunting the flooded timber in Arkansas. Plan is for 1st week in January. Anyone have experience of reccs? Any help is appreciated.
Sand hill crane hunting in January is probably outfitter specific to TX, no other state with consistent hunting I know of but they don't all have them either. I wouldn't spend money in Arkansas unless it is opening weekend. You need a really expensive or exclusive club to have ducks until January compared to 10 years ago (when I started there). If TX is an option go to TX (never been but know enough), Arkansas ain't what it was unless you have rest areas and rich neighbors who also rest.
Why not do the best of both and hunt ducks in TX with the option to add a sand hill hunt? if you want a recommendation for a jam up guide PM me, there are a few good ones and you can kill 5 mallards In TX vs 4 in AR.


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Big honker lodge in TX and hunt ducks geese and sand hills. Top notch place, been in the same building since the early 90’s. Family business. Also....very republican. So if you’re not be prepared to get some ribbing. ?

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I went to Corpus Christi area and we shot a limit of pintails redheads and widgeon every day.


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Be sure if you go Sandhill Crane hunting that you get the federal permit. It used to be free for the asking, but takes a while to get and I expect even longer with all of guberment folks hiding out at home.