Aerial Maps?

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Does anyone know the best place to get up to date aerial photos of property? I'm wanting to get an aerial map of our farm to mark stand locations, etc. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks!


Most states have a GIS data download site that has the aerial imagery also. The county GIS sites often have it too. You usually don't have to have ArcGIS software to view and manipulate the aerial imagery.
Most Counties have a Geographic Information System the public can use with layers like topo but it appears to pull the satellite imagery from google maps.


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I had one made several years ago. F6373BA7-AEA0-49F4-9D59-DFAE56EA88A4.jpeg

I put glass over it and make notes with paint pencils. Scrape off with razor blade - each year. I use it often for planning, especially wind directions and to keep a history of how often I hunt in certain areas. I also keep track of where other hunters go and frequent. Great to find areas where pressure might be lower. I really like it... my command center.

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We did the poster size laminated one. Then mounted it between a piece of plexiglass and a piece of sheet metal. We have all our club stands marked with color coded, peel n stick, hole punch paper and use magnets to mark where each hunter is going that hunt. Also keep a big arrow on a magnet that we set to show wind direction at the time.