After 10 years I’ve settled on a new pup.

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Really taking a liking to these pups. They go everywhere I do. I’ve been letting them hang out in the chicken pen while I feed. They’ve gotten where chickens don’t phase them. Working on the well yesterday and one was ready to ride. Grand-boys really love them!! 97F2AB05-D4D3-49B5-B1BB-B5972104B7C1.jpeg B80A46B0-C0F8-4F39-AB2B-B4B4383A3663.jpeg 0AE6A812-C618-4BEA-8D37-1D5E522CBEEE.jpeg 502FBAD2-1536-445F-B535-13E5CB053D57.jpeg 07DF3121-8206-4B2E-BEAA-4CA53D2A7748.jpeg 7CEDEC01-DDE3-4D5F-A10C-BE7FF8DE4ECF.jpeg