Aftermarket Automobile Backup Camera

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My wife loves the idea of them and has used one a couple of times in rental cars. She also loves her present car which is paid for and only has 20K miles so I'm thinking of getting her one for Christmas.

The dealer (Audi) wants a fortune to add one which leads me to after market. I know next to nothing about them other than some are wireless and some attach to the review mirror while others have a separate monitor.

Any real world experience along with pros and cons would be appreciated.



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They normally run @ $800 aftermarket for a good one in the rear view mirror.


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I put a new Sony Android auto head unit in my wife's Lexus last year. Did it myself, took about 3 hours total. All in, head unit and camera, was about $350.00. That included the install kit to make it look like it's a factory fit unit. Works like a champ.

Check out Plug in make/model/year, and it'll show you what fits. They have excellent customer service and tech support.

If she's already got a stereo that has a large LCD screen on it, you can likely just get the camera add on (the crutchfield site can help figuring this out). If it's a camera only solution, you're looking at less than $100.

If you aren't comfortable doing it yourself, any car stereo installer will do it for you.
If you don't already have GPS in the dash, Garmin makes a GPS with a reverse camera that you can wire into the reverse lever or have a switch to operate the camera. I have one and like it. The installation is simple as the camera connects wirelessly to the GPS unit and all you have to do is get power to it.
My idea is significantly more expensive than the Crutchfield idea. I have used Crutchfield for radio equip and I like the company.