Afternoon Spybaiting video on Lanier

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Yesterday afternoon I got out just before the storms hit and I guess the fish knew the weather was coming and turned on big time. I caught a few on topwater to start the afternoon but quickly realized they were liking the spybait. For those of you wondering about gear, I was using a Enigma Aaron's Edge 6'11" medium fast action tip with a Lew's speed spin reel loaded with 5lb fluorocarbon. You need to have your drag set right for 5lb test. Here's a little video I made.


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Great fishing Jim. I got to look into getting one of them spybaits and try it out on allatoona.. Be careful with the lightning tho!

Cletus T.

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Thanks for sharing Jim, spybaiting sounds like you are doing something secretive for the Government or something?

Looks like a fun and effective way to catch ‘em. Good looking spots!
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Thanks guys. I appreciate the kind words!!!

Lanier Jim

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Good Stuff Jim! Now, what's a spybait...never heard of it :)