Aging Squirrel Meat in Buttermilk


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I’ve hear it does. Deer meat the same way. I have done deer in regular milk before for a few days in the refrigerator It was ok.
They don’t need it. If you have a insta pot ( electric pressure cooker) that will take care of them being tender. Cleaning them well, keeping all the hair off the meat and removing the little brown glands in the front leg pit makes them taste well. I’d much rather just drink the buttermilk, it will put lead in your pencil.
Buttermilk is a good marinade for most meats, IMO. The acidity, if nothing else. I love marinating chicken in buttermilk. And squirrels are just small chickens with more legs and less feathers. :)
Parboil, debone, put in crock pot with cream of mushroom soup, onion, red bell peppers, mushrooms, Cajun spices salt pepper, slow cook about 5 hours. Fix some rice, put a bed of rice on your plate pour some squirrel on the rice. Just like crawfish etouffee, and don't get between me and my Etouffee, I bite.


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I do em real simple. Clean, quarter, and if they old, parboil. Otherwise, salt, pepper, flour, fry till done, make gravy, then simmer them in the gravy while the biscuits are baking. Make either a pot of rice or grits, and you got supper. You can also substitute woods ducks for the squirrels and do the same thing.

Good stuff.


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If you want to cheat time and the boys are ready to eat there kill as soon as they
clean them you can of course clean and quarter, then salt/ pepper and wrap
in 2 layers of foil and put them on the grill for about 20 min. They actually
are steamed cooking them this way. When all said and done put quarters on
the grill for a short time for grill marks. Fairly tender and no mess to clean up
and if you have youngins hunting with you it completes the circle for them.
We use this method for quick ribs on the grill, also......
Yep, mama was a farm girl from the depression, and she marinated the squirrels I brought her in buttermilk. Buttermilk will also work on other wild meats.