Air Force Grad ** UPDATE**

Congrats & super challenge coins.
If you don't know the WWII history behind the coins - its a good read.
Practical use today is : lowest ranking coin (or none) pays the bar tab :cool:


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It just keeps getting better. I know you are proud. Congratulations to the young lady.


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Love to see stuff like this, gives an Old Vet hope for the future of our country!!

She is headed for success in whatever direction she may choose in life.

Please thank her for her service for me...

Congrats to both of y’all!!!


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Congratulations and thank you, Mam!! :flag::flag::flag::flag::flag:


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Retired AF as well, I would make a strong recommend for her. Maxwell has incredible training resources available. Get to finishing her undergrad degree on their dime. Once 3 years complete apply for Officer Training School. There’s a program to release her from regular job and complete her senior year with pay full time as long as grades are good. Finish school on them, get commission, she will go far.


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Congratulations! That’s great and thank her for her service!
Thank her for her service and her family for there sacrifice!

Joining the military is the best decision I ever made.


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Outstanding! Stepmom started as E1 and retired at a Lt. Col USAF in a similar job. Was the Public Relations Officer for Special Ops at McDill when she retired.