Air Rifles

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Some of you all remember from last fall I made a post about an international air rifle shoot we had at the local gun club.

Now, these ain't Daisys.

Here's a link for some photos of these guns from the shoot

As you can see, these guns aren't exactly kid's toys. They are full fledged hunting weapons with power enough to take any game in North America. (yes, I said any game) The air guns ranged in size from the .177 and .22 caliber pellet guns that most normal people think of when they think of air guns up to a .58 caliber buffalo gun. I know, your saying, 58 caliber, yeah right, what does it shoot? Nerf balls? Try a 650 grain lead maxi ball looking slug that means business at speeds approaching 900 feet per second. It's hard to explain till you see what this thing can do to an Oak timber at 40 yards or a 1/4" piece of plate steel at the same distance.

We are planning next year's shoot and realizing that this is something that few people are involved in, we are looking for shooters. Does anyone at Woody's shoot big bore air guns? 25 caliber and up?



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I have never shot one but I saw them being shot on an outdoor show one time. VERY impressive these things. It's amazing what air can do in the right circumstances.