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Hunting club - $1360

* We added more land spots limited*

Bluff Springs Hunting Club is looking for a few members. We have 1673ac on Big Creek in north coffee county about 10 minutes from Elba Al. 13 member max. This is our 4th yr as a club. This past yr we killed 12 bucks and 14 does. We have 17 plots with stands and feeders. We killed a nice 130" 8pt last yr with several more on camera. Dues are $1360 which covers plots for summer and fall. We don't have a camp.
Call or text 3344066713

If your a club jumper this ain't the place for you. If you don't have dues or deposit on hand I will not show. If you have to ask your wife or girlfriend then do so before calling or texting.


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Looks and sounds great , how’s the turkey population and I know u said no campsite , but is camping allowed , thanks