All good things must come to an end!


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Sorry for your loss. Had to put 2 of my "family" down on Feb. 18,2018
My squirrel dog a feist, Dixie was 17 and my "buddy" Max was 15. Dixie was the best squirrel dog that I have ever hunted with. Many wonderful days in the woods with her. Max was a beagle and a house dog. He went with me everywhere I went and slept right by my bed.
Dixie was just worn out and Max had lung cancer. Had to put them down within 30 minutes of each other. Had them both cremated and when my times come, they will go in the ground with me, never to be separated again. Yes, sir, grown old men do cry.............


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Sorry to hear about your hunting partner, dogs are family members, we lost our last 2 dogs back 2021. We decided to wait a while before finding another one.


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I am very sorry to hear you lost your best friend Doug. I have been there many times in the past its never easy to put down a good Dog.


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Sorry to hear this. I always liked that avatar pic of her.


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Sorry to hear about your loss. Ive had a couple dogs like you described and it hurts to loose them. I lost my best friend in December of last year to my carelessness. He knew things about me that noone else will ever know. Breaks my heart when i run across a pic of him. Again sorry for your loss.


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That’s a tuff deal buddy! You were both lucky to know each other. Sounds an awful lot like my dog and yours is in good company. Chloe is in my avatar and she’s been gone a dozen years or so. Haven’t had the mind to get another. My condolences to you.

Doug B.

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Thanks everyone again! I know I'm not by myself. I know all of ya'll have lost great friends too and feel for your loss as well. It seems like this is a great place to just let it go and start healing. I hope that makes some kind of sense to everybody.

Feel free to post a picture of the ones you lost or a special friend that has been with you over the years. It might do us all some good!!!


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Sorry Doug ! I just saw this ! I got the ashes of my best ever friend on the mantle. A Ladner Blackmouth Cur that came straight out of the Ladner's Kennel in Lumberton Mississippi. His name is John Henry