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As you all know we at Woodys have been making some important decisions as to the future and health of the forums. Well the decisions have been made!

Some time between now and the end of the year we will be be transferring the financial ownership of the forums to GON. This will not be the GA Outdoor Network and Woodys Campfire will continue to be free.

This will not affect the locations you log in from, or the look and feel of the forums, only the fact that Woody's Taxidermy no longer has to foot the bill for the forums. It will also greatly improve the performance. Hopefully we will no longer have to put up with the up and down of the forums.

All members and mods and current posts and info will be carried forward, although we will probably lose a couple of days to down time while everything is transferred over. This will of course be minimized as much as possible and we will try and notify everyone when we will be down.

Me, Jim and Jeff are all excited about this new venture and it can only get better from here!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.



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I am excited too. I personally like Steve and his staff and have always felt this could be a help to both GON and Woody's. I am behind this move 100%.


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A Longtime Members thoughts on this "change"

Knowing Woody I believe he would have liked to discuss this personally with all of the members that have made our forum what it is, but that of course is impossible.

I think we all will have mixed feelings about this, my main concern was that our forum will continue to be a place for friends to gather and share information in a family atmosphere and I believe it will. :)

I know that Woody put a lot of thought into this move and did what in his opinion, mine also, is best for the forum and it's members at this time.

Woody, all members, and mods, thanks for making my on line home what it is and please continue working to keep it a place we can all enjoy. :)


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To you Woody, Jim, Jeff and others,

Thank you so very much for getting the campfire started, and for cutting, splitting, and hauling the wood to keep it burning. Oh yeah, and for keeping the water handy when things got too hot. :bounce: I never dreamed when I signed on 2 1/2 years ago I would enjoy this place so much. Truly, it has been awesome, rewarding, fun, educational, and so much more.

With this transfer, the legacy of all you have done will continue and I look forward to it. For that I am very thankful, but I know I will miss the way things used to be. Such as it is with growth and times, things must change.

Thanks again Woody, and I hope one day I can bring you a trophy to mount for me.

God bless,

It will be different, but not different.

Hang on and enjoy, cause w/o out ya'll we are just a bunch of nuckleheads on computers:D



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Great, down time. I knew it! :mad: What are we supposed to do, go shopping?? :confused:

Of course i'm kidding. Thanks go out to Woody/Jim, Woody and/or Jim, Woodjim, Jimwoody, Jimoody, Joddy, or what ever that person(s)name is that started all this and all that put out alot more effort than we see, to keep this thing rolling :clap: :clap:


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Does this mean all the Mods are out of a job? If so , thats tuff,and right here at Christmas. How are y'all going to survive with such a paycut? :D
Seriously, I have enjoyed reading Woody's and I hope that it will remain the same clean, family oriented site that we are use to. Hopefully GON will keep up the same standards.
Thanks to Woody for starting it and Jim and Jeff and everyone else that has kept it going this long. :clap:
Thank you Woody and All the people who have worked hard to keep this the best site possible. A lot of great friendships have started because of this great site. Thanks to all of you!!!!!!
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Founder - Gone but not forgotten.
Thanks Guys.

I'm looking forward to actually having a reliable host which will mean more "up time" for the board. -- Just think, no more lost posts -- members -- or information.

We couldn't pick a better time or better people to work with.


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First of all, A great big THANKS to Woody for all you and the mods have done over the years to keep this great site up and running. I along with many others have made many new friends because of it's existence and I thank you all for it.

I'm sure it was a difficult decision, though one where much thought was put into it and that the decision was made in the best interest of everyone involved and I'm sure the new board will be just as great.

Thanks again for all your hard work and I still look forward to bringing you that big buck some day... :yeah:


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Just curious Woody, Jim, or whomever,

Will we lose the posts we have generated since the last crash? If so, I need to go back and make a few copies of things. :D



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If I'm reading correctly than absolutely NOTHING is changing (including address?) except that GON will now foot the bill and it will likely be a more reliable host. Same rules, same everything correct?
If so..... :yeah: :cool: :fine: :clap:
Either way, thanks Woody for all you've done and likely will continue to do to make this such a great place!
Hunt/fish safely,


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Bowbender qoute: My wife tells me I talk funny now, I told her "I her'd dat"

OK, someone pass a paper towel and help me clean this coffee of my keyboard. :bounce:

Tell your wife you do not talk funny, but DO type funny. :clap:



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Would someone let me know when the downtime will be?
I need to have carpal tunell surgery, and that would be the perfect time for My Downtime. ;)

Thank you Woody and all the Mods for keeping the campfire burning.
:p By the way, how much wood had Dbone REALLY hauled?
Just kidding Ray.
Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas & a Happy and Prosperus (sp) New Year.
I would suggest to all members...copy your PMs just in case. Most likely we will lose nothing though.