All Members Update

BowFan said:
Hope the taxidermy shop has prospered as a by-product and hope you continue to prosper at the shop! :fine:
As long as Woody's shop continues to do the absolutely wonderful work they do and continue to treat folks with the decency and respect that we have become accustomed to, they will do just fine.



Roosevelt Ranger
Y'all read carefully!

The rules and regs are not changing.

The Mod's are not changing.

The atmosphere is not changing.

The only thing that is changing is the promise of fewer crashes.

Let not your hearts by troubled!

A Big Thank You to Woody for sponsoring this board for all these months. :clap:

And thank you to all the moderators for keeping it running as it has with the feel and content that it has.

i just hope that those don't change under the new ownership. ::huh: