Allatoona (1-16-17)

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Today was my last chance to try and catch some fish until next weekend, so took my son and a friend's son out today.
Went looking for bait around 6am and it was a little tough to find, but finally figured it out. Surprisingly, they were way in the back of a cove in about 2 - 5 feet of water. 3 weeks ago i was catching them in 30 feet of water, i guess the crazy temps have them moving all over the place

Ended up catching somewhere around 20 fish, mostly white bass, 1 crappie, 1 hybrid, 1 spot and 2 stripers. My friend's son got his PB today, so that was cool.

Everything came on freelines with a mix of shad and shiners; most of the whites coming on shiners and hybrids and stripes on the shad.