Allatoona 2-20-2016 Crappie Fishing

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Made the hour drive to Allatoona Saturday with lcookie and a few other friends. Had lines in the water by 7:30. Fished 6 rods out the back, all 10fters, and 8 rods out the front. 18, 14, 10, and two 8ft down rods with 1/2oz weight and jigs. Fished same area as last time, 10-18fow, with double jigs on each rod. Used Jiffy Jigs, Sugar Bugs, and Hot Grubs. Color didn't seem to matter. Popsicle, black/blue char, and wally wwally world get honorable mentions. Off the water by 1:30 with 31 crappie and 14 white bass. Biggest Crappie was15" and weighed 1.6lbs. Almost half were bigger than 12". We did lose a monster right at the boat. Pierre was novice to trolling and reeled the fish in to far. It was at least 2.5lbs. It was nice to meet Crappieman at the ramp. Had a lot of fun, just need someone that knows what they're doing on the back which I think is the easiest position to fish from. Can't wait to get back at em!


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Great day! Congrats


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Nice going Gabe! Lcookie catch any fish?
Yep! Gabe put on a clinic for us but we held our own. We both started in that deep water but the fish did not want anything to do with me or my baits. I slowly moved shallow until I found my bite in 8 to 10 FOW. At one point he called me and said why are you riding the shoreline? I said cuz you catching all the deep fish lol! It was not a fast paced day but the bite was consistent if you stuck it out. We ended up with a little over 40 fish keeping 10 white bass and 21 crappie. We missed a good many for various reasons also.