Allatoona - Crappie -> 2lb 13oz

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Went with my good friend Harry from church.
Caught 39 fish with 31 crappie and 2 white bass coming home.
Had a great time.
Check out this 2lb 13oz crappie I caught.
Also, this fish was put back in the lake.
Water temp was 44-45.
Fish were suspended.
Caught the fish trolling jigs.


good job on throwing it back, don't know why people kill / eat the big ones. If you're not gonna mount it, toss it back and keep two smaller one's to eat in it's place.


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Good Lookin Spec! We got some big ones in the Toona thats for sure. Nice Catch! I am ready for a mess of fish like that!


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Good looking fish! No tellin how old that fish is ? I'm glad team Geezer has a self imposed size limit too! Toona is a wonderful fishery want to do my part to keep it that way! Little ones go back big ones go back and keep the 10" -12" fish!


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BEAST!!!! Well done.
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One more thing.
I caught this 2 lb 13 oz fish in the same area I caught a 2 lb 3 oz fish last year. (The one last year is on the wall)
I hope mama will get one before long.
She is still recovering from surgery.