Allatoona Creek Park deer hunting

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hey yall, I applied for the deer hunt this season @ the Allatoona Creek Park. Supposed to pick up the permit today. Anybody else get one? I heard they gave out 300, its my 1st time hunting the place. I wanted to start a thread so we could post harvest pics from the Allatoona property and share tips/advice. Can you share any knowledge about this area? Thanks and good luck.
It used to be a great place to hunt. I hunted it hard for about 8 years but I don't even get a permit anymore. Now you have to deal with jogger's and mountain bikers. No field dressing on property and if you leave anything out there it's possible it won't be there when you get back. I had a ladder stand put up and I kid you not I went out to hunt one day and some fool put up a ladder stand 10 yards directly in front of mine facing me. It was a big double stand with a wrap around blind. I've had trail cams and ladder stands stolen. They've ran bike trials through some of the best spot's on the property. All I can say is good luck, there's a few deer there if your willing to put up with the headache.
Several yrs ago it was part of Allatoona Corp land permit hunting. Is still Corp land. I've hunted it then a couple times. I started reading regs and and decided is not for me. I can't see myself climbing out of my tree at 10:30 a.m. to be checked out by 11. I do have a Corp permit tho
Many of us who hunt there are on a Facebook site named the Cobb Corps Hunt Club. Here is the link to that site if you would like to join it.

Also, some of the rules changed:
You are allowed to field dress deer.
You do not have to check out by 11AM, you just have to stop hunting.
Also, They caught the person stealing trail cameras, and prosecuted, fortunately no issues since.