Allatoona great white bass 5-24/26/27(pics)

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Got out Thursday afternoon to bass fish and wasn't doing much good when a school of whites came up on top water caught a few on a crank bait before they went down ,then used a spoon and caught around a dozen off it. Went Saturday afternoon caught some shad and couldn't get no more than 3 lines out before one got hit. Ran out of bait at dark . Even got a double on my last two shad lol. Ended up with around 15 fish. Sunday got up before daylight caught shad for hybrids and stripers. First stop no fish,and then went too another area and caught more whites and a few hybrids. Fish slowed down went to another area and caught more whites on shad. Got tired of rebaiting and retieing hooks,so went back to the spoon and wore them out until my hands couldn't stand getting cut up by there gills anymore. Ended up with 20+ fish.