allatoona last 2 weeks great!

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Got tried of sitting in the deer stand been fishing and been doing great with bass,hybrids, white bass. Been fishing south end to mid Lake. More fish southern tons of small white bass schooling on very small shad,and bigger fish mid Lake doing same thing. Caught fish on everything from a fluke, roster tail,small crankbait,to a spoon. Bait is the key for sure and matching your lure size to the bait. Wish I could post pics but thanks to the change of Photobucket I can't grrrr!
Nice. Thanks for the report. Is that a yellow bass in the second pic or is it the angle of the sunlight that makes it looks like a yellow bass? I've been catching lots of linesides, especially white bass, in Allatoona but have never seen a yellow bass. Seen lots of them in Coosa.
Yellows haven't made it past the Coosa yet. I sure with they would. They aren't even a regulated fish in Ga.