Allatoona Monday night


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Motored over to the Old Army Rec area from Blockhouse where I caught several 2-3 pounders, but wasn’t meant to be tonight...scooted over to Tanyard creek to “Whopper Plop” awhile, and landed only 1 yearling. Heading out of Tanyard creek, the shad we’re jumping for their lives! Something BIG was chasing them clean out of the water! I quickly grabbed a rod with a bobber and a medium sized minnow, and almost instantly the bobber went under violently. This happened half a dozen times, but was able to boat only one 2 pound female. All the others got off by an aerial dance, or as I was pulling them in the boat. Sunset came and they were gone. Had lots of fun in the process!


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It’s crazy when the Dead Sea comes to life. I had my spook get smashed twice on my first cast and almost pulled the rod out of my hand tonight.......I knew I should have left right then. I got skunked with only 4 or 5 total bites and didn’t even catch my usual dink. At least taking a dip in the water was SUPERB!

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